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SURPRISE! We’ve been hiding a HUGE secret for over a year and now we can finally come out with the amazing news!  Your Co-Founder Lindsey is starring on Bravo TV’s newest show: WORKOUT NEW YORK.  The show follows Lindsey and 6 other celebrity trainers in New York City and documents their lives, their relationships and their careers!

The best part about the show is that we created Brave Body Project during the filming!  It was a very crazy, fun and challenging time for us and you get to watch us (YES, Amber will be making MULTIPLE cameos on the show too!) as we begin to create the community that you’re a part of today.  

Click HERE to check out the Bravo website and to watch the trailer for the show. The premiere episode airs on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 10:00 P.M. ET.

Read the article HERE!

Tell your friends and tune in to see what’s sure to be a crazy look into the lives of New York City trainers and support Brave Body Project! 

  • Mel

    I don’t see Workout NYC on the schedule and it is listed as premiering tonight at 10pm est.

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