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Superstar, Bradley Cooper: How He Trained For American Sniper

Preparing for this role was not an easy task. It took Bradley Cooper a 24/7 commitment. You’ll be shocked at the foods he had to consume. The exercise preparation was brutal. But, that’s not all. Bradley Cooper had to transform in mind, body and spirit.

Bulking Up 40-Plus Pounds


Image Credit: Warner Brothers

It’s hard to imagine having to gain approximately 40 pounds, mainly muscle, to prepare for this film. He had to eat about 8,000 calories a day. To do that, Cooper had to eat about every 55 minutes.

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He Used His Own Trainer


Image Credit: GC Images



Cooper had to work out about 4 hours a day, every day, for several months. He did not use any hormone or steroid supplements. His trainer was with him on a constant basis.

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But, It Took More Than Just Bulking Up




Bradley Cooper really had to know what it felt like to be a Navy Seal, and specifically, Chris Kyle. He trained with real Seals, spending numerous hours at target practice. He also watched countless hours of Kyle, himself. Cooper utilized a vocal coach and learned Kyle’s mannerisms.

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