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New BBP Vlog: How to say “NO!”


Today we are talking about the art of saying “NO!”

When it comes to working out and achieving your fitness goals we are all too familiar with that good ol‘ book of excuses.  Saying “No” to our own excuses and deviants is one thing, but when put in front of the people we love, it’s not such an easy task. 

Get our top tips to say NOOOOO to the people who are out there to sabotage your daily fitness goals without sacrificing your relationships or losing the fun and social life you love.

#1- Social butterfly. We get it. We love a good time and we are no stranger to a happy hour with our friends. BUT we also know a happy hour can turn in o multiple happy hours and end up becoming not so happy the next day when you’re trying to get your booty to the gym.

#2- The foodie. This is the person that tries to convince you to go against your nutritional goals.  We love a slice of pizza or a margarita with our favorite Mexican cuisine, but it’s annoying when everyone has an opinion about the delicious protein-packed egg white omelet you ordered to fill your belly.

#3- Gym hatters gonna hate. -These are the people that we love but they tend to take your gym priority personally. It’s hard enough to motivate yourself to put your workout plan into motion, let alone when your bestie comes up with a last minute party plan that just happens to be during your gym time.

At the end of the day, you are in charge of your life, your goals, and your happiness.

Be strong. Be inspired. Say, “No!”.

Stay brave,
Amber + Lindsey

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