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MondayMantra: “Today is a good day to take a leap.”


This week’s Monday Mantra is:  “Today is a good day to take a leap.”

A leap year is a year containing on additional day. It only happens once every four years and today, we get that day.  It’s kind of fun to think of today as a free pass, a wild card, an extra chance.  Today, do something you haven’t done before.  Take a new class, try a new coffee shop, walk to work instead of take the subway. What will you do with your bonus 24 hours?  We want you to go wild.


In honor of National Sleep Awareness week, we’re devoting this month to catching up on our ZzZz’s.  Getting adequate sleep doesn’t just feel good, it’s a key component to a healthy body, mind and spirit. Each week, we’ll share our favorite tips and tricks to get you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and centered.


Later this week, you’ll meet Laura, one of our original Brave Body Project Online Members.  Laura has been sweating with BBP for 11 months now and we’re excited to her to share her story with us.  Want more member testimonials?  Check out BBP Member Cee-Cee’s story here.

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Take a leap.  Let’s work on you – together.


Lindsey + Amber

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