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#MONDAYMANTRA: “Today I am excited about everything.”

This weeks #MONDAYMANTRA is: “Today I am excited about everything.”

“Why be excited?” We think the question should be: “Why NOT be excited?”

Each day we’re given a fresh start; a blank slate. We’re allowed another day to cultivate friendships, learn something new and make lasting memories. This week we want YOU to wake up and take some time to be grateful for the day that lies ahead.

This Thursday on braveWORDS we’ll talk more about finding joy in your everyday routine. Until then we have a project for you. Each morning you wake up this week write down 5 things you’re grateful for. They could be as silly or as serious as you want, the choice is yours. Keep them with you throughout the day and at the end of the week take a second to reread all the things you felt grateful for. We have sneaking suspicion it’s a habit you’ll want to continue with.

Stay brave friends!

Lindsey and Amber

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