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#MondayMantra: “Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.”



Today’s #MondayMantra is:

“Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.”

It’s February, the month of love. We’re not really into all of that mushy stuff over here in the house of BBP but we do love love so this month we’ve decided to focus all our love and attention on strong women who are movers and shakers in their industries. (Don’t worry boys, we love you too.)

There’s nothing more empowering than standing side by side and celebrating strong women who are choosing to live a brave life. We’ve got a ton of fun stuff in store for you!

In addition to our usual Monday Mantras and Friday Full Body Beat Downs, you’ll be hearing from some new voices! Every Wednesday, we’ll be rolling out with our WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) of the week. We’ve found 4 women who are truly making a positive impact in their industries and represent the 4 tiers of our site: braveBODY, braveEATS, braveLOOKS and braveWORDS.

We’re also so excited for one of our original Brave Body Project Online Members, Cee-Cee Swalling to highjack the blog this month. Cee-Cee has gone through an incredible weight loss journey. She’s one of the strongest women we know both inside and out and we’re so excited to you to hear her voice. You’ll be meeting this marathon mama on Thursday.

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Lastly, we’re so proud of everyone who participated in our Brave New You January Run challenge! We both achieved our goal of 80 miles this month (Amber was an overachiever and hit 90!) It was so inspiring to see all of you commit to a goal and fight to accomplish it. It’s proof that when we stick together we can accomplish amazing things. Right now we want you to set a goal for February. Maybe you want to become a better runner, lift heavier or lose a few pounds. Figure out your intention and create a plan of action. Tell us about it! We always have your back.

We love you Brave family!


Lindsey + Amber



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