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#MondayMantra: Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.

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Today’s Monday Mantra is:

“Make yourself a priority.  At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.”

It’s just your flight attendant says before you take off: “In the event of an emergency, make sure you place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping someone else.”

It seems selfish.  But by this point in your life, we’re sure you’ve come across this scenario once or twice.  Our go-to is to help everyone else before we help ourselves.  But by doing that, we end up exhausted, drained, with no time for ourselves, frustrated.  Putting the oxygen mask on someone else before you leaves you gasping for air.

Since we’re celebrating the month of love, we want you to focus this week on loving YOU, whatever that means for you.  Maybe you decide every day this week you’ll carve out an hour just for you.  Whether it’s reading, working out, meditating, meal prepping healthy food for your week or just laying down and watching TV we want you to give yourself a little extra TLC.  You deserve it.

Later this week, you’ll meet our next #WCW, Kara Griffin.  Kara is a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and all around incredible human being.  We’re excited to have her on the blog.  On Friday, we’ll share a fun partner workout that you and your bestie can do anywhere!

Have a great week Brave family.  Remember to send some extra love your way.


Amber + Lindsey

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