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#MondayMantra: “Don’t lose your fire.”


Today’s Monday Mantra is: Don’t lose your fire. 

Sometimes it feels like you’re running in a circle, on a hampster wheel that’s going nowhere.  We work so hard, we relentlessly push, we hustle, we grind around the clock.  All that pushing, all that creating, all that hard work can sometimes leave us feeling drained.  Do you ever think: “What am I doing all this for?  Am I making a difference?”

We want to remind you that you ARE.  This week, we want you to remember why you started.  Whether you’re working on your health, your job, your relationship… whatever it is.  We want you to take a step back and reignite your fire.  Remembering your WHY is the first step towards finding that inspiration to continue.

Later this week, we’ll introduce you to a woman who has some serious fire in her, Andrea Stanley.  Andrea is a writer, wife, mom, and editor at Seventeen Magazine.  We’re so honored to have Andrea as our Woman Crush Wednesday feature this week!

On Thursday,  our bae Cee-Cee is highjacking the blog to talk about her experience with the Brave Body Project Online Membership for the last 10 months.  We can’t believe we’ve been sweating together for almost a year!

Alright friends.  Take a deep breath.  Ignite your fire.  Get out there and be amazing.


Lindsey + Amber

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