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#MondayMantra: “Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot

Today as part of the #BBPHolidayHustle Pillar: Energize we’re taking it to the camera and giving you a BBP Wake Up Call about being present.

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season and now more than ever we need to breathe some calmness and peace into our daily lives.  Social media and other digital distractions, worrying about work, money, traveling, family and friends prevent us from being fully present in the moment.  Here are our top tips to BE. HERE. NOW.


  • Unplug.  We spend so much time looking at our computer and phone screens that we often get lost down a social media rabbit hole.  If you’re having trouble logging out and unplugging try deleting a few of your favorite apps for one day.  Realizing how many times you naturally go to Instagram a photo, make a new status update and Tweet it will put your social media obsession in perspective and force you to look up and be in the moment.


  • Get your zen on. Emily Fletcher, owner of Ziva Meditation puts it best.  She says we need to “Stop reviewing the past and rehearsing the future.”  We spend so much thinking about what happened yesterday or that conversation we had with our boss this morning.  We think about our work schedules,  what we’re eating for dinner WHILE we’re eating lunch.  But by doing that we aren’t spending any time in the current moment.  Multitasking is ok but not when it’s all we do.  Stop reviewing the past and rehearsing the future.  Focus on the now.


  • Be all in.  It sounds so simple but it takes a lot of mental practice.  Invest yourself fully in the conversation you’re having, the food you’re eating, the show you’re watching, the workout you’re doing.  Start small and keep practicing being all in.  Before you know it, it will feel less like work and more like living life.


Do you have a favorite tip to practice being present?  Comment below!

Until next time Brave family!


Amber + Lindsey


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