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Today as part of the #BBPHolidayHustle Pillar: Energize we’re taking it to the camera and giving you a BBP Wake Up Call about Accountability for your workouts.

Here are our top tips for holding yourself accountable for your workouts!

1. Find an accountability buddy. Pick someone in your life who has the same fitness and health goals as you.  Whether they’re a workout buddy you meet every day or just someone you check in with to talk about how your workout went, having someone to turn to will help motivate you to get in the gym and sweat.



2. Create a challenge for yourself. We love to set goals and challenges for ourselves each month.  If you know you’re working towards a goal you’ll be less likely to fall off the fitness wagon.  We love doing monthly run challenges.  Each month, we set a certain number of miles and try to match or better our number.  It’s fun, it forces you to keep track of your miles and you don’t end up skimping on your runs.

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3. Post it on social media. One sure fire way to stay accountable is to put your fitness or nutrition goals out there on social media for the world to see.  Announcing your goals to your friends and family will give you more motivation to actually complete what you set out to do.

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Have a favorite tip or trick to hold yourself accountable for your workouts?  Comment below!

Until next time Brave family!


Amber + Lindsey


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