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Monday Mantra: There is no finish line so enjoy the journey.


Happy Monday Brave Body Project babes!  We’re coming up on the final week of the Brave Buddy Run Challenge!  Can you believe how many miles you’ve logged onto your sneakers in the past 27 days?!  You’ve had bad days, you’ve had good days, some runs have felt like torture while others have felt like a breeze.  You’ve tackled long flat roads, hills, hot day time runs and chilly night time runs.  You’ve done it all.


And while the end to this challenge may be coming this week, we want to remind you this is definitely not the ultimate finish line.   Yes, you will cross the proverbial finish line with us this Thursday and tally up your miles for the month (and maybe even win some awesome swag from Puma!) but it’s not about the finish line, is it?  It’s about the adventure to get there.  Think of how your body has changed over the past 30 days.  Are you stronger?  Faster?  Do you have more energy?  Has your outlook changed on running?  Maybe this challenge helped you realize that you’re much stronger than you think.  We have a feeling it did.


Whether you’re running with us this month or not, this Monday Mantra can serve as a great reminder for everyone.  Ultimately, there is no finish line in life.  Every end, every bench mark in your life is just the beginning a new adventure.  So yes, keep running towards your goals full speed ahead but don’t go so fast that you miss all the beautiful things happening around you in the process.

Have a great week! Be brave.


Lindsey + Amber 


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