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Monday Mantra: The strength you need is right beside you.


Summer has passed, fall is here and change is upon us. As we head into this new season, life can throw a lot our way. Jobs become more demanding, weather takes a toll on our bodies, and our well-being and healthy mindset can easily be thrown out the window. We feel your struggle and are all feeling the change of the season too!

Sometimes the most consistent things in our life are the people around us.  We want to challenge you to go with the change and find your strength! Look to the people around you to stay on track. Set a plan with your best friend or coworker. Go for a run every morning, hit your favorite spin class after work, then head to happy hour. Change is good. Change is fun. You’re surrounded by strength!

Have a great week BBP babes!

Be brave,

Amber + Lindsey

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