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Monday Mantra + PUMA Sponsorship Announcement!

This week’s Monday mantra is: “You are fast, but together we are faster.”


When we launched Brave Body Project, is was our vision to create a community where people could come together to sweat, learn, grow and be brave with their bodies and their lives. We wanted our members, our readers to feel like they had two best friends in their corner that they could turn to when they needed help, support, confidence, or just reassurance that there are other people out there in the world who are in pursuit of a beautiful, bold life.

Having a support system is important to us.  We believe we’re much stronger together than we are alone.  If one of us is having a bad day, the other is there to lift that person’s spirits.  If one of us is having a bad workout, the other is there to motivate.  We’re each others biggest cheerleaders, number one fans and best friends.  We’re capable of doing a lot as individuals, but we’re capable of going so much further together.  That’s what Brave Body Project is all about.


There’s another company that believes strongly in those values too.  When PUMA reached out to us a few weeks ago to talk about a possible sponsorship with Brave Body Project we almost fainted!  PUMA is all about faster; a commitment to constant improvement.  That’s why they’ve created Team Faster: A group of hand-picked athletes from around the globe to represent the brand.  We’re so honored to be backed by this iconic company and we’re so excited about what this means for Brave Body Project (and YOU, our readers!)  Expect a lot of fun things (and maybe some sneakers!) headed your way soon.


You are fast, but together we are faster.  Together can think bigger.  Together can push harder.  Together can go further.  Together can finish faster.

Be brave babes.


Lindsey + Amber

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