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Monday Mantra: I will be a catalyst for change.


It seems like the news these days isn’t short on its supply of shootings, attacks, violence, and hate.  Doesn’t it?  Does your Facebook newsfeed feel more like a political debate than a place to check in with your family and friends? Are you sick and tired of seeing people argue, faceless behind their computer screens about Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton, the black lives matter movement, good cops vs. bad cops and more?  We are too.  And while we think it’s important to get involved in the conversation on ALL of these topics, we want you to shift your focus.  We want to urge you to be a catalyst for the change you want to see in the world.

If you’re feeling angry about the recent shootings in the news you can do more than just make an angry facebook status, right?  DO something about it.  Sign a petition.  Donate money.  Donate blood.  Donate time.  Get involved and help create the future you want to see.  Be the change.

Stressed about the next president?   Get out and vote.  Become active in your political community.  Talk to your local congressmen about what matter to you.  Be the change.

Don’t like the way something is being run in your workplace?  Don’t just gripe about the things you do like to your coworkers.  Request a meeting with management, brainstorm new ideas to fix problems, speak out.  Be the change.

YOU have the power to make change possible.  This week we want you to use your voice – at home, at work, on social media, wherever you can.  Let’s start working on a revolution of love instead of hate. Of progress instead of regression.  What’s one thing you could do today – right now – to improve a situation you feel badly about?

Have a great week BBP fam.  Be the catalyst!

Be brave,

Lindsey + Amber




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