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FITNESS MYTH VLOG #4: Heavy Weights = Bulky Body

It’s Fitness Myth Week here at Brave Body Project and today we’re debunking Myth #4: Heavy Weights = Bulky Body.

This myth drives us crazy and it’s got to stop!  Lifting heavy weights will not make you turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight.  It takes fitness competitors and bodybuilders months, even YEARS to achieve their athletic physiques.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, lifting heavy has billions of health benefits.  You’ll increase strength, endurance and power.  You’ll be able to do everyday functional movements (like picking something off the ground and putting it on a shelf, walking up flights of stairs or helping your friends move their crap from their tiny Manhattan apartment into storage) with the greatest of ease.  Plus the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day (BONUS!)

On the flip side, we love lighter weights for high intensity classes like dance cardio, spin and of course, our BBP Full Body Beat Downs but we’ll discuss those benefits more in depth another day.  We welcome all weight choices into our world and we don’t want you to discriminate either.

Bottom line:  Heavy weights will not make you look like a bodybuilder unless you’re under a strict regimen of strength and cardio routines,an intense meal prep or you’re gunning to become the next Mr./Mrs. Olympia.

Alright brave bodies!  Go pick up something heavy and toss it around.  We give you permission.  Check back in with us tomorrow as we debunk our final myth of the week!  Fitness Myth #5: Crash Dieting.

Be brave!

Lindsey + Amber


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