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Excellence vs. Perfection

When I sat down to write my blog this week I was having a severe case writers block.  I knew this week’s Monday Mantra: “Excellence does not require perfection” was something I could relate to and I wanted to write about it.  But as I sat at my computer screen, I found myself getting instantly down on myself.  I thought: “Well if I can’t come up with the perfect story to coincide with this mantra then what’s the point?  I might as well skip the blog this week.”


I consider myself to be a high achieving person.  I have a lot of goals, I have a lot of plans and I’m going full speed ahead towards these goals every day.  While I believe high achievers possess many good qualities, there are also some glaring downfalls in being a person of this nature. One of them is that I find that I’m never satisfied, particularly in my work.


In my quest to create amazing  work that inspires and changes people with Brave Body Project, my perfectionist tendencies can often times become a distraction.  I spend so much time thinking about how I won’t participate in creating new work unless it’s presented in a perfect, shiny box with a bow that I get in the way of actually creating the work at all.  And what good is that doing anyone?


Perfection is an ideal.  But is it something that actually exists?  Isn’t our idea of perfect something we create in our own heads anyways?  And isn’t everyone’s idea of perfect completely different?


I want to flip the script on striving for perfection and turn my focus on striving for EXCELLENCE.  If I’m always aiming for perfect, I’ll be in a constant state of lacking.  I’ll never be satisfied.  But if I’m striving for excellence; if I’m committing to doing the best I can right now, at this moment then I’m creating work.  And that work will continue to get better and better with the more effort I put in on my part.


So my question to you is:  Are you setting yourself up for perfection or excellence?  I want you (yes, YOU) to start striving for YOUR personal best.  And I’m going to do the same.  Let’s be on this crusade together.
And would you look at that?  By deciding to sit down and just write this blog with no end goal of it being perfect it ended being the most excellent thing I could do for myself.  Excellence vs. perfection friends. Flip the script.

Be brave (and excellent!),


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