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Cee-Cee’s braveWORDS highjack: Why running is my BAE.

Hey brave body babes!  Cee-Cee, one of our original BBP Online Members is highjacking the blog every Thursday this month to talk fitness, running, and more! Cee-Cee has gone through an amazing weight loss journey and turned herself into a marathoner and a triathlete with a passion for fitness.  This week, find out why Cee-Cee is in a fully committed relationship with her running shoes. Take it away, Cee-Cee!


Relationships are complicated, even though Facebook tries there’s no way to fully encompass in one or two words their true complexities. That being said, I have been in a serious, committed relationship for over 4 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs, good days and bad but I find that no matter what happens I’m in it for the long haul. And it’s complicated, and it’s an open relationship but there is no jealousy, no veering from the path I have chosen. I’m, of course, referring to my relationship with running. It started out like most new relationships do, new and exciting and a little bit scary. I would flirt with other sports or activities but when it came down to it nothing was exciting as running, so I committed. 

And it really is like a romantic relationship, as over-extended as the metaphor may be, getting into a sport or practice. The first year of running for me was definitely the honeymoon phase, still getting to know running, how to fit it into my life but not let it take over who I was. I discovered a lot about myself during this time, realizing that maybe I really am an athlete in my own right and not a person who cheers on the sidelines. I went to new and exciting places, saw trails and parks in my own neighborhood I never knew existed. And I tried and did so many things I never thought I would do, like run a trail half marathon or run a single mile in under 7 minutes! And, just like all relationships, the honeymoon phase ended. There were days I felt I was just phoning it in, or I was tired or bored. Running the same two or three routes would feel monotonous and my legs would feel like lead. But getting through these phases was what made me fall in love all over again. I had the freedom to walk away from running knowing that if I needed it all I had to do was pull on my Brooks and I could pick up right where I left off. 

Where I am in my relationship now though is the best part because, the truth is, running makes me a better person. I have a better relationship with myself and my body because I committed to it. And I give myself freedom, if I miss a run I don’t feel guilty or beat myself up, it will still be there tomorrow. I have fast days and slow. When I get bored I change my routine or invite a friend or simply do something else until the mood passes. I plan races, lots of them, but I also take time to do things that have nothing to do with running. I swim and I bike and I binge-watch Netflix. I sleep as much as I’m able and read books but, like someone who is truly, madly, deeply in love, I always make time for my Bae, running.


Click here if you missed out on Cee-Cee’s first BBP post. Check back next Thursday for more fitspiration from Cee-Cee!  Want to commit to a program, get real results and change your life?  Join Cee-Cee and our amazing Brave community by joining the Brave Body Project Online Fitness Membership!  

Be brave!

Amber + Lindsey

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