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Cee-Cee’s braveWORDS highjack: Why I love Brave Body Project

Hey brave body babes!  Cee-Cee, one of our original BBP Online Members is highjacking the blog every Thursday this month to talk fitness, running, and more! Cee-Cee has gone through an amazing weight loss journey and turned herself into a marathoner and a triathlete with a passion for fitness.  This week, Cee-Cee talks about why she loves Brave Body Project and how the BBP Online Membership changed her life. Take it away, Cee-Cee!

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When I started my fitness and health journey over 4 years ago now, I started alone. I didn’t have anyone in my life I could talk to about it or ask for help, and for me that was ok. Running and working out alone gave me the time to quietly focus on what I wanted to achieve and each time I laced up or hit the treadmill I visualized a happier and healthier me. Through this time, I joined Instagram groups, fitness websites, and grab training programs off the internet. Some worked better than others but I became overwhelmed in a world of promises about Beach bodies and bikini ready workouts. The promises they made seemed unrealistic and, honestly, not what I wanted to achieve. I mean, yes, ultimately speaking I wanted Jillian Michaels’ abs, Michelle Obama’s arms, and JLo’s derrière. But my main goal, my first and foremost desire, was to BE healthy. I wanted to be strong and I wanted to fuel my body to do that. 

Unfortunately, for most people there isn’t a quick fix. Getting “bikini ready” isn’t a goal obtainable within a few weeks, at least not without dramatic, unsustainable changes. But it is possible to improve yourself, and I believe this happens every day. Every day we are given an opportunity to see what we are made of and I think that’s what makes Brave Body Project perfect. It brings that challenge to me and every week I compete with myself to be better, faster, stronger. And that’s the best part of BBP, it gives me the workout but my biggest challenge is competing with myself and learning how to move faster or better each week. Amber and Lindsey have created a program that isn’t about quick fixes, it’s about creating a better body and lifestyle, about making it a part of your day-to-day routine. 

I am very lucky to have Lindsey and Amber in my life, as a member for a year now I have had  two friends I can look to for support or guidance. When I needed modifications or help they were and are  only a quick email away and it’s incredible to have two such amazing people on your team. I have done fitness both on my own and with help but the reason BBP has been so instrumental in my life is I get all the support of personal trainers while fitting it around my constantly moving schedule. Having the freedom to workout at 4AM or 11PM without inconveniencing anyone else gives me the freedom to do swim classes, spin classes, go out with my friends, or make up a session on the weekend if I need to. And with all that freedom I still get feedback on how to improve my journey and we discuss changing weights or how to reach my goals in an obtainable manner.

I would and do recommend Brave Body Project to everyone I meet because it is an opportunity every day to find out what you are made of, no judgement, no shaming. Brave Body Project is a promise that if you are brave enough to face your challenge every day you will become strong, and we were all made to be strong.


Thanks for sharing your story with us this month, Cee-Cee!  We love having you in the Brave Body Project family. Click here if you missed out on Cee-Cee’s first BBP post. Want to commit to a program, get real results and change your life?  Join Cee-Cee and our amazing Brave community by joining the Brave Body Project Online Fitness Membership!  

Be brave!

Amber + Lindsey

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