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Cee-Cee’s braveWORDS highjack: Injuries and the Art of Cross-Training

Hey brave body babes!  Cee-Cee, one of our original BBP Online Members is highjacking the blog every Thursday this month to talk fitness, running, and more! Cee-Cee has gone through an amazing weight loss journey and turned herself into a marathoner and a triathlete with a passion for fitness.  This week, Cee-Cee talks injuries and stepping up to the weight rack. Take it away, Cee-Cee!


I’ve always been “one of those girls” when it came to lifting weights; I didn’t want to do it and there wasn’t anything you could say or do to convince me to even take a 5 lb weight in hand. At 5’9″ I already tower over most of my girlfriends and unnervingly (for some) am able to stare men straight in the face. With broad shoulders and sizable hips, I was convinced if I started “pumping iron” I would soar straight into Schwarzenneger territory without so much as an “Ah’ll be back”. 

Sadly, as anyone who has over-trained knows, I found myself sidelined from the races when I tore 7 tendons in my left foot. I sank into a depressive state as I watched my friends run without me and I gave up registrations for races I had fought to be in. Determined to not become an extension of the couch and to fill up my now excessive free-time I researched exercises I could do while in a boot. According to research, there is very little besides swimming (Side bar: my orthopedist at the time insisted I could also bike as long as I kept the boot on- a risky and potentially hazardous endeavor I decided was ultimately not worth it). With my options limited I signed up for adult swim classes. It was terrible and awkward and hard, like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time ever hard. But I also didn’t have a choice, it was swimming or no cardio at all. 

I began to couple the swimming with strength training with a personal trainer. While I was not enthralled with missing my runs I also found I liked doing other things. I got the same adrenaline rush from swimming that I did from running but it also felt great to stretch out in the pool. With my trainer, I began to lift A LOT of weights and instead of bulking up I just saw definition where before there had been none. While maybe at times I was a little bit Brienne of Tarth-like I didn’t bulk up the way I had expected to and I felt a sense of accomplishment for tackling something I had been so adamantly against.


When I finally got out of the boot my left foot was tender but I was strong. Through cross-training, I had managed to keep up fitness without losing the hard work I had accomplished with running. Once back in my running shoes, I had to be careful not to over-do it so I ran 2-3 times a week at best and then cross-trained the rest of the week. During this time, I crushed 5 PRs (personal records) in my running. Cross-training had made me a stronger and more efficient athlete and the work I did in my running workouts was more focused, more beneficial. I can’t say that I am a natural born weight-lifter or swimmer but I can tell you that by taking the time to focus on other activities I have become a better athlete and I’m definitely not afraid of weights anymore!

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Be brave!

Amber + Lindsey

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