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braveWORDS highjack: BBP Member Laura!

Happy Friday brave friends!  Today, we’re handing the blog over to one of our original BBP Online Members, Laura!  This University of Wisconsin graduate is one of the sweetest, strongest ladies we know! This week, Laura talks about what to do when you don’t want to work out (something we can ALL relate to!) and how she finds her motivation. Take it away Laura!


Do you ever have one of those days where the last thing you want to do is work out? You’re tired, hungry, your favorite show is on, I could go on and on with this. The bottom line is it can be really tough to motivate yourself to get up and going for a workout some days. As Brave Body Project comes up on its 12th (!) month, I’m looking back on how I’ve stayed motivated to stick with the workouts, focusing especially on what I do on days where I’m a little lacking in the motivation department.

I think one of the most important things for people to realize is that those who consistently exercise don’t always want to do it. I’ve heard people say many times, “I wish I had your motivation” or “where do you get the motivation?” like it’s always sitting there waiting for me to throw on my workout gear and gym shoes. The reality is that this is very far from the truth. There are many days where I have an internal battle with myself about whether or not to work out. Usually, most of my reasons for not wanting to work out are excuses that aren’t legitimate reasons for skipping a workout.

Conquering these excuses and overcoming what’s in your mind that’s stopping you from working out is half the battle of doing the workout. This can be really hard! And I think that a lot of the times, there isn’t enough focus put on just how difficult this is. This is something that everyone deals with, no matter what your level of fitness is. Regular exercisers don’t possess a super power that makes them immune to the pull of excuses. I believe that those who successfully overcome these excuses and don’t let the excuses regularly throw them off track have identified when they’re making an excuse and have figured out ways to not allow these excuses to derail them.

Some of my most common excuses for skipping the workout and spending some quality time with my couch include being too tired or worn out from the day, being hungry, being sore from a previous workout, being sick of a certain workout, being afraid of how difficult a workout may be or simply wanting to do something else with that time.

I think the first step to finding more motivation to work out is identifying some common reasons you come up with for not working out and taking a deeper look into why these are coming up. For instance, if you’re always tired, do you need to be going to sleep a little earlier every night instead of staying up watching tv? If you’re too hungry to work out, are you eating quality foods and setting yourself up for success ahead of time by packing an extra snack?

Sometimes simple lifestyle changes can enable you to feel much more motivated to do a workout such as having more energy from a good night’s sleep or having the fuel to make it through a workout by eating a small snack beforehand.

I also like to look at some of the excuses or reasons I’m not working out and think about how working out might actually help these issues. If I’m sore from a prior workout, doing another workout and moving those muscles will usually help me feel better. If I’m feeling intimidated by a workout, I think about how much stronger I’ll be if I go through the workout and how it’s better to go through a workout and maybe not meet your expectations than skipping it all together. You’ll also come out stronger than nixing the workout all together.

The best motivator of all for me when I’m struggling to get going is thinking about how good I’ll feel once I do the workout, both physically and mentally. I try to remind myself that I’ll have more energy, less stress and won’t feel guilty about skipping a workout if I just do it. I also try to remember that a lot of the time, simply starting a workout is the hardest part and that I’ll usually get into it and enjoy once I get going.

If you do find yourself in a workout rut, I’ve found the easiest way out is doing the workout you love the most or commit yourself to something that holds you accountable to showing up. For me, that’s either a Brave Body Project workout or a group exercise class. When you truly enjoy what you’re doing, it makes it so much easier to do. All in all, working out is something that should be fun!

To wrap it up, motivation for working out can be hard to come by. Do your best to fight off the excuses that pop up and once you establish a consistent routine, the motivation will come easier. Remember that top-of-the-world feeling you have once you finish an awesome workout and just get started.

If you’re ever looking to shake up your routine or need some new ideas, check out all of Amber and Lindsey’s Brave Body Beat Downs or the Brave Body Project program, which has helped me stay motivated and consistent for the past year.

If you have any other tips or tricks for staying motivated, let us know!

Thanks for sharing Laura!  Did you miss Laura’s first blog highjack?  Read it here. Want to commit to a program, get real results and change your life? Join Laura and our amazing Brave community by joining the Brave Body Project Online Fitness Membership!    Create your username and password and start your FREE 14-day trial today!

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