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MondayMantra + Living Brave Semester Week 1 Recap


This week’s #MondayMantra comes from Brené Brown.  She says:

“If you’re brave with your life, you’re going to get your ass kicked.”


Well, we couldn’t agree more.  We’ve just completed our first week of the Living Brave semester on CourageWorks and we’re already in love with what we’re discovering about ourselves through this process.

Throughout this 12 week course, we’ll be diving deep into Brene’s two amazing books: Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.  Side note: if you haven’t had a chance to read these, stop what you’re doing and go grab these books.  Her research and thoughts on vulnerability, shame and living a wholehearted life will spark a fire in you and push you to ask yourself some pretty serious questions about the kind of life you’re living.

This week, Brené started the course with one of our favorite quotes from Theodore Roosevelt. It reads:


This week she asked us:

What is your arena? What is a place in your life that you would like to show up and be braver?  What’s somewhere in your life where you wish you could get a little more courage?

Lindsey: “For me personally, Brave Body Project is my arena and it’s an arena I want to be braver in, a little more courageous in every day. I want to be an outlet in the fitness industry that supports men and women being healthy, happy, fun and realistic. I believe I’m making good headway by doing that but at times, it can be hard to truly own my story.  Everyone has body image issues (myself included) and comparing myself to others is human nature.  I want to work on being brave enough to OWN my beliefs, my vision of a healthy strong body and I want to share it with others that are looking to stand in that arena with me.  I’m going to continue working hard to stand tall and proud because I truly believe what I have to share, what Brave Body Project has to share is important.”

Amber: “When I thought about my arena of course, Brave Body Project came to mind.   I love my Brave Body Project community and I am very candid and up front with you all.  You’re my family and there is a comfort in that.  For most of us, we wake up, put our feet on the pavement and go through our daily lives.  As we do that, our thoughts, ideas, and passions slowly start to become filtered as we journey throughout the day.  My arena is this army line. The face to face interaction with the world around me.  This is a place where I fight to exude my bravery.  I think we all find that we can talk the talk, but when it truly comes to facing the fight of life, we lose track and we lose sight of what we actually showed up for. (This is me!)  It’s a challenge to approach our situations and people in our lives head on sometimes. It’s hard to to step forward and bravely allow ourselves no excuses, no filters, and truly fight the good brave fight.  What I have to say, what Brave Body Project has to share, what you have to express is important and worth fighting for.”

It came as no surprise that we both chose BBP as an arena we want to get braver in.  We’re excited to move through this course and discover new things about ourselves, our company and the life we want to create.

What is YOUR arena?  What’s a place in your life you want to work on showing up more?  Being a little more courageous?  Being a little more brave, even if you risk getting your ass kicked in the process?  We want to know.  Let’s do this – together.


Lindsey + Amber

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