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We here at Brave Body Project are drawn to strong, powerful humans who are looking to make a difference in the world.  When we were building this company and needed a triple espresso-sized jolt of inspiration and creativity we turned to none other than the creative genius, Ms. Courtney Romano.

Don’t you feel inspired just looking at her? A little bit about Courtney:



Courtney is a creativity addict. She’s obsessed with drawing creative genius out of people who want more out of their lives but don’t know where to start. She currently writes for Distinct, a digital magazine and artist exhibition, set to launch this fall in addition to heading the coaching program and leadership development at The Bari Studio in NYC. Her writing has been featured on Lifehack, NY Press, and she will publish her first book, The First Ten Years: A philosophical and practical guide to creative longevity this fall. Courtney is also a Barrymore-Award nominated actress with performances ranging from Off-Broadway to commercials. 

Basically, she’s a genius.  If you’re looking for a kick in the creativity pants Courtney is your girl.  And lucky you, she’s giving you some of her genius free of charge.

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Join Courtney for a Free Webinar: How To Build a No-Fail Plan for Creative Success on August 4th at 1pm EST / 10am PST. Get more information and RSVP here:

We asked Courtney to tell us what being BRAVE means to her and her answers were too good not to share. Read on, readers.


brave (adj) ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.


We all want to be fearless. But that’s too easy. That just means we’re somehow mentally predisposed to facing the toughest battles of our lives without much effort, without much to overcome. Where is the excitement in that? Being fearless means we haven’t toed the line of our own limits. Being fearless means that we are stoic. We are so together in the face of uncertainty that we are cut off from that which could really, truly change us.


What can actually get under our skin and into our bones to change us in profound and exponential ways is being scared shitless and doing it anyway. That’s brave.


Brave means walking through the fire. Brave means showing up despite the fear, the danger, and the pain. Brave means you know it’s going to be tough and you decide to do it anyway. If fearless is a quality, brave is an action. Which means, anyone can be brave. It’s simply a decision.


That’s what having a brave body (and mind and spirit) means to me. It means stepping in the shit time and time again because I know I can choose to push through it. It means sticking with a plan that will make me better than I was yesterday. It means not settling for what I know I can do well, but attempting to learn what I can do better. It’s about doing what I said I was going to do.


It’s also about telling the truth. It’s about being brave enough to admit when I fall out of integrity with myself, and not hiding behind those moments. It’s about understanding that those moments are a symptom of something else going on inside me, and then excavating, digging down deep to find out what threw me off track. Sometimes it’s brave to just ask the question, Am I okay? And if I’m not, How can I get better?


It’s also about owning my whole picture. There are some days (many days) I want to lay low and binge on guacamole and other days I want to take on the world and start a creative revolution. There are moments of supreme clarity and moments of heavy fog. A brave spirit embraces life’s contradictions with enthusiasm. A brave mind strategizes through the muck while staying anchored in hope. A brave body lives life wholly, without losing the ebbs and flows that evoke the richness of life. I love kale and quinoa, but I also love a nice, hoppy IPA and both of those things are okay. Being brave means owning every inch of you.


Being brave also means knowing when to walk away. Knowing who or what to walk away from means you are constantly reaffirming yourself and the life you choose to live. You edit the world around you to look more and more like your ideal. You don’t say terrible things to yourself and you don’t let others say them either. You say thanks but no thanks, send out love and light, and then edit your way to a world that builds you up to your best. Because being brave is a gift and you give it to everyone in your path. Your bravery is the permission they might be silently seeking to love their every inch and live their lives without apology. The more you clear away, the more space you have to build up not just you, but everyone around you.
So it would be nice to be fearless. It would be cool to easily defeat my demons without much effort, but it wouldn’t transform me. I want to be brave. And for me, that means evolving, getting stronger, and learning to be more authentically who I am. All it takes is one decision at a time.

Courtney Romano

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