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Monday Mantra + A Special BBP Milestone!

Today is an epic day for us here at Brave Body Project.  We’re back in the studio today filming our 12th and final month of the BBP Online Membership.  At the end of the day today, we will have filmed 72 workout videos for our members.  That’s 36 straight hours of planks, pushups, squats and burpees. We’re feeling pretty excited to have conquered this huge goal.

We decided to create the online membership because we wanted to connect with people.  There are a lot of online membership programs out there and we felt the one thing they were lacking was the connection.  Yes, you can buy a “30-day fix” or a “Daily Burn” program and have all good intentions of reaching your fitness goals but the truth is sometimes you need more than that.  Sometimes you need some friends who are in your corner, giving you that extra push.  We knew we wanted to be those friends for people.

Our greatest joy over the past 11 months has been the interaction we’ve had with our members, some of who we’ve never met face to face but feel like our family.   Laura from Wisconsin would email for advice on her upcoming marathon or just give us an update on her training.  In D.C., Cee-Cee created a personalized BBP food journal we loved so much we added it to our member email.  Chase and Ryan from Atlanta would post photos of their BBP workouts in the middle of the ocean on their cruise ship contract.  Haley would skype in with us from Dubai to talk about her meal prep and workout schedule.  And Natalie from would post her favorite BBP move of the day on her social media from her home in Florida.  These are just some of our favorite moments.


We wanted the BBP Online Membership to be an interactive experience.  A community where people could gather together for support and inspiration.  We wanted people to realize that working out should be fun, it should feel good, and you don’t need to do it alone.  You don’t need to be in a gym to work out.  You don’t need to work out in the morning.  We wanted to take the cookie cutter image of what working out looks like and throw it out the window.  With us, it’s all about the connection.  We love the BBP Online Membership because we’re able to sweat, laugh, cry and learn with our members each day.

Today we’re celebrating 12 months of hard work, dedication and inspiration.  It hasn’t been easy. Nothing worth having is. We’ve learned so much about ourselves and the direction we want to take with this company.  We’re so excited about what’s next for BBP.  But today, let’s raise a glass and celebrate a seriously kick-ass accomplishment.  Thank you to every single person who’s brought us to this day.

Be strong.  Be inspired.  Be brave.


Lindsey + Amber


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