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11 Tips to Be Happier Starting Right Now

Amber & Lindsey Present: 11 Tips to Be Happier Starting Right Now


#11 – It All Starts With Your Mindset

Start “Being” rather than obsessing on what you need to be doing “next week”.  Sounds counter-intuitive but yes! Practice being present minute to minute and focus on the now…aware of your life, your breath, your senses. Remember – We are human beings not human doings.

#10 – Your Vocabulary Impacts Your Attitude

We all know one person that starts each conversation with OMG, and Ughhh. Be the person that starts with I feel (fill in the blank) today because….and follow it up with good stuff. There’s always something good we promise! Even if it’s a smile from a stranger.

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#9 – Thoughts Are Just That … Thoughts

When it rains … it pours … right? Craft your own masterpiece…you are the artist of your dreams. We all have negative thoughts. A good friend once said “don’t have analysis paralysis”. Translation – don’t get stuck. Thoughts only become things when you accept them as FACT… fact is that you are WHATEVER you want to be.

#8 – It Starts the Second You Wake Up

Gratitude attitude! That’s right…Get out of bed with a mission and a purpose. The fun is not in the knowing but in the seeking…The mystery and beauty of what you can discover & accomplish. Have no doubt…being thankful is foundation of everything we are.

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#7 – Get Therapy if You Need It

Okay so you’ve withdrawn from everything or like most of us- you’ve just been on auto- zombie and no one knows. Talk to someone and explore these emotions. Get moving doesn’t just mean working out. Get talking…exercise your mind first! (The body will follow).

#6 – New Rule! Work Thoughts Stay at Work

Remember the old adage eat to live don’t live to eat? Work to live and not the other way around. When you take steps to nurture your well-being you are more 10 times more likely to succeed at work. Open yourself up to receive joy…inside and outside the office.

#5 – STOP! Seriously Stop … Checking Your Phone

We love love loveee our phones. We also love cheesecake. We don’t eat cheesecake every minute (most of the month). When did connectivity become a compulsion? Notice we didn’t say obsession? Luxuriate in the simple concept of being with yourself…Not by yourself. You will realize –You miss you.  

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#4 – Keep Your Friendships a Priority

Ever had that person that just gets you? We call it friendship but it’s actually connection. Who doesn’t want a warrior, confidant, truth teller, reality checker and okay…A pain in the A**.  Get your friend health today…take it from two besties.

#3 – Make Short-Term Goals

Sounds kind of cheesy…we get that …BUT…Someone once said that a goal without a plan is just a dream. Let’s not think in goals but in smiles.  If you did X would you smile more?  That’s your short term goal definition. Go for it.

#2 – Treat Yourself With Love & Compassion

Please, be gentle with yourself.  Life will throw curve balls, anguish and downright pain. Be your best “first aid”.  We’ve been there and still working at it.  We promise – you’re worth it.

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 #1 – Don’t Forget Your Physical Health

It’s easy to say get moving and talk about recipes and a lifestyle that you should adopt. Start with “I don’t want to feel tired after work”.  What can I do to tame the tired? Big nutritional bites during work, small steps around the corner, choosing the stairs rather than the elevator? It’s within you…happiness comes when you confront your fears. One step at a time. Refer to # 11…one minute at a time.


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