The Run Selfie: Our Top Tips for Getting an Instagram-Worthy Photo

How do you take a great running photo without hiring a professional photographer or spending all afternoon screwing around with your self-timer settings? Runner’s World Magazine reached out to us and asked us to share our top tips for a successful run photo.

The main problem with self-timer? Proper phone placement. Amber used Selfie-Z to take this pic. “It’s an iPhone case with a magnetic strip on the back that attaches to anything metal: a lamppost, a mailbox, and so on,” she says. “It’s a great way to get an action shot on a solo run.”

The ladies of the Brave Body Project know the importance of a running buddy who just gets it. “When we take photos for each other, we like to show the other person our vision and make them act as the stand-in,” says Lindsey Clayton, an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp in New York City and the other half of the Brave Body Project
. “Take a photo of your friend at the angle you want it, then have them recreate it for you. It takes away the guesswork for the photographer, which cuts down on time, so you can move on with your run.”

Want more tips to nail your running photos? Check out the whole Runner’s World Article here!

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