The BBP Holiday Hustle is HERE!

The BBP Holiday Hustle is BACK and we have a lot of fun things planned for our BBP fam over the next couple of months.   The is a 2-month challenge will help keep you accountable in all areas of your life from now until next year.  We’re focusing on 3 pillars of health we believe are most important to maintain a healthy body and mind.  The 3 pillars are:

  Strengthen  /  Nourish /  Energize


The Strengthen Pillar focuses on cultivating and maintaining a powerful body through the holidays.  We want you to be able to count on us to help you get your body moving, even when you feel like you’re crunched for time.  Today marks the start of the #BBP21DaysOfSweat Challenge!


Make sure you post a photo TODAY on Instagram to tell us you’re up for the challenge!  Share with us who or what you’re dedicating your 21 days of sweat to, hashtag #BBPHolidayHustle and #BBP21DaysOfSweat and you’ll be in the running to win some amazing prizes from BBP and Puma! Click HERE to watch the Vlog and find out more about the contest.


The Nourish Pillar focuses on filling your body with food that will satisfy, satiate and empower you through the holidays.  We’ll give you tips to avoid overindulging and focus on foods and recipes that will comfort and satisfy you without packing extra calories on your plate.


The Energize Pillar focuses on pulling  back to a place of peace, calm and gratitude during the holidays. With extra family time, long shopping lines, and money woes the holidays can bring, it’s easy to forget to breathe.  We’ll explore practices that will help you avoid holiday burnout and stress through meditation, practices of gratitude and moments of mindfulness.

This week’s Monday Mantra is: “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ~Amit Ray

Starting today, right at this moment we want you to stop, take a breath and be present.  Be present in your workout by putting your phone away and focusing just on you.  Be present while you eat by stopping to actually savor your food and enjoy your meal instead of  rush through it.  Find moments of mindfulness in your day where you can simply sit, breathe and enjoy what’s happening in your life at this very moment.

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Putting a special focus on these 3 areas in your life will motivate you to stay healthy, satisfied and calm during this wonderful season.  Make the commitment with us to have the healthiest and happiest holiday season yet.  Feeling festive?  Share it! Join in on the fun on Instagram using our hashtag #BBPHolidayHustle!

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Stay brave friends!

Amber + Lindsey

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