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Sweaty Betty + Brave Body Project Unite!


We here at Brave Body Project LIVE for surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals.  We love to sweat, we love to feel empowered, we love to have fun.  We make brave choices, we value personal connections, and we love to dress as boldly as we act.  So when Sweaty Betty, the hottest UK (and now USA) luxury fitness line asked us to represent the company as the new American Ambassadors… well, let’s just say it was a short conversation that ended with us screaming “YES!”

Sweaty Betty’s mission is to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness.  Now, if you know one thing about Brave Body Project it’s that we’re ALL about empowerment.  We love the message Sweaty Betty is putting out in the world and we’re so honored and excited to represent this incredible company.

So now, let’s get down to the clothes.  Sweaty Betty’s line is BEAUTIFUL, it’s fabric is amazing for high- performance sports and we’re pretty sure most of New York has been coveting our outfit when we walk down the street.

Get ready for a LOT of Sweaty Betty + Brave Body Project love on the blog in the coming months.  This week we’re obsessing over the beautiful colors and technical mastery of the new summer line.  Ready to start twinning with Amber and Lindsey?  Shop our favorite pieces below.

Amber is wearing the Shallow Water Capri and Bakasna Yoga Vest.  IMG_9698

Lindsey is wearing the Triple Jump Run Short and the Lateral Run Tunic. Click the links to shop the looks!

Be brave (and empowered!) friends!

Amber and Lindsey

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