braveLOOKS: Bracelet Edition

When is the last time you finished your workout, looked in the mirror and said “Hello gorgeous! You look ready for a night on the town!” Here at Brave Body Project we’re all about mixing gym gear with cocktail attire. From here on out we’ll refer to it as “studio to street”. We want to give you the tools to go from your sweaty session on the treadmill to you post workout cocktail hour without too much muss and fuss.

After a long grueling workout at the gym it’s hard to make the transition from sweaty mess to hot mama.  Lindsey and I are constantly on the hunt for looks and trends that make life easier. The act of showering and putting on makeup can feel torturous. Plus who wants to carry three separate outfits (and SHOES?!) and lug that bag around all day? Scoliosis doesn’t look good on you girl.

How many times have you skipped your workout because your post workout festivities were too much to prepare for? We here at Brave Body Project think you should have your (hypothetical) cake and eat it too. We’re telling you that you can sweat AND look cute post workout without much hassle. Sound too good to be true? Nah….Listen up.

Simplicity without sacrificing your look. You have the tools to do it. Here’s an easy way to start.


Lindsey and I love a simple accessory with a purpose. These super trendy bracelets from MANTRABANDS and BROOKLYN CHARM are our go-to. You’ll catch us wearing them at any given time, whether we’re at the gym or out for a drink.

What we love most about them?

  • 1 They’re stackable. Load up that wrist. One, two; the more the merrier! Throw these bands on with other bracelets and wraps you have.
  • 2 They aren’t too flashy so you’re not going to feel like Princess Diana if you wear them to your bootcamp class.
  • 3 They’re custom made. You can take your favorite Brave Body Project mantra and carry it around all day with you. And who doesn’t love a little reminder to “Never Give Up” or to “Be Brave” just by looking down at your wrist.

Your workout is your stepping stone to helping you look and feel your best. We’re here to help you look and feel great from the time you lace up those sneakers to the time you run out the door in those (sneaker) heels to meet your friends.
What’s your favorite way to mix studio and street? We want to hear from you.

Until next time, be brave.


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