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The holidays can be stressful, right? Traveling is a pain in the butt and it’s easy to throw your healthy eating and workout habits to the wayside, especially when you have to spend an entire day on a plane/train/car/horse and buggy… Ok… maybe not that last one.

Having spent many a holiday on said plane/train/automobile, we’re very seasoned in the do’s and don’t of proper healthy holiday travel and we want to help YOU.  Using the 3 pillars of the #BBPHolidayHustle: Nourish, Energize and Strengthen we present to you our best tips and tricks for a bloat-free, happy, healthy travel day.


Stay hydrated.   If you’re traveling, especially by plane there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up feeling dehydrated.  Be sure to chug that H2O on your travel day.  Want to up the anty? Sip on coconut water. We LOVE coconut water.  Coconut water is ideal for hydration because it contains natural electrolytes and potassium. Plus it tastes delicious.  Double win.

Be prepared.  Airports are full of sneaky food options that are loaded with extra calories, trans fat, and sodium.  Be smart and stop at the grocery store before you go.  Filling your carry on with snacks like almonds, hummus and veggies, hard boiled eggs or Quest bars will curb your cravings, satisfy your appetite and won’t leave you stuck eating at a gross fast food chain.


Tune in. Flights, train and car rides are an excellent time to recenter yourself and excite your mind.  Instead of music, we love listening to Podcasts.  Our favorite podcasts are  Ted Talk Audio and Todd Henry’s The Accidental Creative.  They’re quick, smart and thought-provoking.  Listen up!

If you’re a bookworm, this is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and be inspired.  We recommend Daring Greatly and Rising Strong by Brené Brown and Thrive by Ariana Huffington.  They’re great reads all great reads that will help you focus on something other than how long your layover is in between flights.


It can be tricky to fit your workouts in while you’re traveling but if you plan ahead and plan smartly, you can dodge all the fitness roadblocks that may pop up.  Pack easy light-weight workout equipment like a jump rope or a resistance band.  They take up virtually no space, they weigh nothing and you can get a full body workout using them!  Another favorite workout tool?  Furniture sliders!  They’re under 5 dollars, you can get them at any supply/home store and you have a full body workout right there in your hands!  Use them for sliding lunges, pikes and tricep reaches!


Have all the equipment but you’re not sure what to do?  Don’t worry, we have you covered.  Click here for a bunch of FREE workouts that involve little to no equipment!  We post our braveBODY weekly beatdowns to help you get your workout in, even if you’re strapped for time and cash.

Looking to up the ante?  Check out the Brave Body Project Online Fitness Membership!  The BBP Online Membership brings 6 new workouts to your virtual door each month!  Each workout is only 30-minutes long, uses minimal equipment and can be done anywhere.  The best part is you get access and support from us through the whole process.  It’s personal training whenever, wherever you want it!

We hope these tips make your holiday (or any day!) travel just a little bit easier!  Have a favorite travel tip you want to share?  Comment below and tell us about it.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season Brave family!


Amber + Lindsey

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