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braveEATS: It’s Time to Debunk Dieting

Today Amber is hijacking the blog to tackle the Nourish pillar of the BBP Holiday Hustle.  She’s going to break down her struggle with nutrition, dieting and why she eats what she wants.


Eat pizza, drink what you want, oh yeah, and that midnight snack?…GO FOR IT.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Honestly, that’s all I ever want to hear.

Diets.  Ugh.  I even hate the word.  The word itself just sounds like it’s setting me up for failure.  Even as a fitness professional, I still want and need to make changes to be healthier and to get stronger.  How do I do it?  I usually start by making a plan with a task list….

  • Create a consistent workout plan
  • Plan healthy recipes for the week
  • Make a calendar of what to eat and when
  • Cook it and put it into containers to carry for the week

And the hardest task of all…

  • Rid my cabinets of the cakes, cookies, chips and all of the “bad” food

I don’t know about you but every time I feel inspired to make a change in my health and nutritional lifestyle, it very rarely stays a consistent thing.  I start out strong, abiding by my list of tasks, but somewhere along the way I majorly mess it up and completely throw the whole plan down the toilet.  Usually, as I trudge through these tasks, I start to get angry at the system.  “So, you’re telling me, my mom just sent me her delicious chocolate chip cookies and you want me to ignore the cookie and eat a piece of 70% dark chocolate instead?  I say pish-posh to that.  Challenge NOT accepted.  In fact, I’ll eat 4 cookies at once just to spite the suggestion.”   NOW ITS OVER. IM DONE. I’ve already called Dominos, put on my baggy clothes, and tell myself, “I deserve better than this life.”


What usually causes this failure?  I’m not trying to play Regina George and bully kale.  Kale is good for you and I actually like it on occasion.  I was thinking through this the other day and honestly frustrated that my love for pizza has been a constant and daily fight to try and make it my food enemy.  This is a huge reason why I suck at keeping this routine.  Then it hit me.  Why am I suddenly up leveling my entire relationship to food and health?  And for that matter, I’m doing it all overnight.  For instance, if I wanted to make a change to take more time for myself, I wouldn’t suddenly call off of work, tell my family I can’t talk to them or come home for Christmas, and stop functioning altogether.  No, I’d make small gradual changes in my day so I could find that time.  I’d set my alarm a little earlier or spend my lunch break reading a book.

We need to stop beating ourselves up for eating what we want and love.  Do we need to be healthy? Yes, but we don’t need to completely lay ourselves over the railroad tracks and sacrifice all that’s good in the world.  We have to slow down. We aren’t going to keep a healthy lifestyle if we immediately rid ourselves of all the joys we have in eating.  We will never change completely overnight.  So what do we do?  Pick one, JUST ONE thing you want to change about your lifestyle and change just that and only that.  Then after a few weeks, a month, change another thing.  You don’t have to exhaust yourself and uproot your whole way of living.  Now, I’m not saying this is easy.  I get it, when I want to make a change I want it to happen now.  But sometimes, we have to understand slow and steady wins the race.

So now, here is the task list…

Step One: Make small gradual changes in your routine.

  • Start a workout regime.
  • Start to implement small changes in your nutrition to help benefit you.
  • Allow yourself to eat and enjoy the things you want within your healthy lifestyle.


So, there ya have it. I say cheers to pizza. I say hello to happy hour!  Let’s tackle this whole “diet” thing without the dieting.  Lets change our lives, improve our lives and ENJOY it too.

Stay brave friends,


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