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We love food and we love it hard. We believe your relationship with food doesn’t have to be a complicated one.


Today as part of the #BBPHolidayHustle Pillar: Nourish we’re taking it to the camera and giving you a BBP Wake Up Call about BODY IMAGE.  We’ve all struggled with body image issues on some level.   It’s normal to find faults in our bodies, compare ourselves to others and focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do.  There are a lot of ways we can help flip the script on negative body image.  Here are our top tips for kicking that negativity to the curb:

  • F$*k Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV, magazines, commercials.  They’re thrown in our face all day and whether we know it or not they have a big effect on the way we see ourselves and other people.  Social media images can often make us feel “less than.”  We think: “How do I get that body? Why isn’t my stomach as flat as hers?  I wish my arms looked like that.”  Most images on social media are highly photoshopped and unrealistic.  Even women who truly do have amazing abs don’t flaunt the same exact 6-pack every day.  Bottom line: Use social media to inspire you, not drag you down.


  • Stop being such a mean girl. Would you ever walk up to your best friend and say: “You look so fat it’s disgusting.  Stop eating and go to the gym.”  No, we hope not.  So why do we talk to ourselves that way?  The language we use about our own bodies can be very hurtful.  If you wouldn’t say it to a close friend, don’t say it to yourself.


  • Throw your body a party. Stop focusing on what you DON’T have and start focusing on what you DO.  Right now think about 1 thing you LOVE about your body.  Focus on the positive, throw away the negative.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a positive body image?  Comment below and tell us!  Remember, you are PERFECT right now in this moment.  Celebrate yourself!

Until next time Brave family!


Lindsey + Amber


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