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BBP Food Commandment #4!


This week we’re breaking down Commandment #4 of the BBP 10 Commandments of Food.


COMMANDMENT #4: SNEAK YOUR VEGGIES IN.  We’re basically like a 3-year-olds and hate most vegetables unless they’re put in our food in a sneaky way. If you’d rather die than chomp on broccoli or kale, use a food processor or fine chop your veggies and throw them into your turkey meat or smoothie.

Ok, saying we’d rather DIE than chomp on kale or broccoli is a bit of an exaggeration.  Here at BBP our go-to foods consist of eggs, avocado, turkey, chicken and hummus but that doesn’t mean we throw our veggies by the wayside.  We’re just pretty meticulous about how we get our daily serving of fruits and veggies.

Let’s talk about our top 3 ways to get your daily dose of greens, BBP style.

1. Drink your greens.  We love to start our morning off with a healthy bang.  What better way to do that than to detoxify and nourish your body with a generous mix of greens?!  We promise it doesn’t have to taste like grass.  Got a blender?  Start with a water base.  Mix up your favorite veggies (think kale, avocado, spinach) and add in some sweetness (blueberries, strawberries, pineapple).  Want more bang for your buck?  Throw in some chia or flax seeds.  Don’t think,  just drink.  You’re filling your body with an incredible amount of essential vitamins and minerals and you’re out the door before most people have time to check their facebook.  Don’t have time to blend?  Easy.  Companies like Lulitonix are available online and will deliver these beautiful concoctions to your door for you.  Check out juice/blend companies in your area!  Our word to the wise:  Watch the amount of sugar going into your morning juice.  Try to stay low (under 6 grams) of sugar from fruit in your morning mix.


2. Keep it cheap, quick and easy. (Don’t get the wrong idea here.)  WE LOVE EGGS… from our heads down to our legs…. ok, we’ll stop singing.  Eggs are NOT just for breakfast!  Omelets and scrambles are delicious at any hour, especially when you throw the kitchen sink of vegetables into the mix!  Eggs are a perfect base for vegetables.  Grill up literally ANY vegetable (from eggplant to asparagus, broccoli to zucchini, peppers to brussels sprouts!!) and pour or scramble eggs over the pan!  You’re getting a perfect serving of protein and vegetables to fuel you throughout the rest of your day.  Add avocado on top and presto!  The perfect meal.


3. Use a food processor.  Still hate the idea of eating vegetables in their natural form?  Use a food processor!  Our favorite time to cook with a food processor is when we make turkey burgers.  Take garlic, onion, peppers, broccoli (anything your heart desires really!) and toss it into a food processor.  Mix your processed veggies into lean turkey, bison or lamb meat. Form this delicious mixture into patties, season, and grill.  Put your sneaky veggie/meat patty over a bed of spinach and add a little hummus or avocado on the side.


4. Brunch. If all else fails drink a Bloody Mary with your Sunday brunch.  (Ok… we’re kind of joking about this one… but just kind of.)

Eat (your veggies) bravely!

Lindsey & Amber

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