Food for thought

We love food and we love it hard. We believe your relationship with food doesn’t have to be a complicated one.

BBP Food Commandment #8: Sip your cocktail smarter!

Today we’re breaking down BBP Commandment #8: Sip Your Cocktail Smarter.

Your BBP co-founders fancy themselves to be whiskey and vodka connoisseurs. We love our hooch, but you’d better believe we’re drinking it with soda water or on the rocks. Check yourself before you wreck yourself when sipping on that $5 margarita special at your local watering hole. You’ll send yourself into a sugar coma and end up with a killer headache.

Since we could talk all day about how much we love our cocktails we’ve decided to do just that….talk! Check out our braveEATS VLOG and hop on our happy, healthy cocktail train!

Happy drinkin’ friends!

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