I have everything I need to start.

Starting a company is hard. Starting anything new is hard. You need money. You need time. You need good ideas. You need a lot of things. Amber and I almost quit this company 20 times before the actual conception of the website. There were several accounts in which I wanted to march right up to my boss (me) and say “This is too hard! I don’t want to do this!”

We had wanted to create something together for some time now but could never pinpoint exactly what that thing was. After two years of starting and stopping, being inspired, uninspired and inspired again we finally hashed it out.

Working as trainers in New York City we would teach to upwards of 150 people a day but we wanted to reach more. Why should you have to live in a big city to reap the culturally rich benefits of the environment the fitness world had to offer? You shouldn’t. We decided to bring everything we loved about working out, feeling good, eating well, and making bold brave choices to a larger demographic. We wrote all of our favorite words on index cards and spread them out over our dinner table.

Slowly but surely the words were cut down, leaving just three. Three simple, but powerful words that seemed to jump off the table.

Brave Body Project. Our company was born. We were ecstatic. The next day, at our first official “business meeting” we sat down with our computers. We were inspired, driven and ready to go. We also had no fucking clue what we were doing. I jokingly pulled up the google search engine and typed in “How do you start a business?” The joke was about 97% serious. In the coming weeks, we started to feel overwhelmed. Our work lives and personal lives were consuming us. We were teaching fitness full time to make money which left us with no time to work on the business we just passionately created. Amber was in the middle of a heartbreaking divorce and I was 8 weeks post a grueling ACL surgery and barely able to walk. (don’t worry, we’ll save those stories for another time) The proverbial planting of the seed of this company felt light years away from the harvesting and the reaping of the “finished product.” We felt like we had bitten off more than we could chew.

It must have been kismet that the word brave was the first word in our company name. That word is sneaky. Every time we felt like giving up that word would stare us in the face and say “Oh really? You’re scared so you’re just going to walk away? You don’t have the courage to create something that needs to be created? You’re going to settle for that?” Brave looked back at us much like a parent would look at their kid who flunked a math test. Brave wasn’t mad. It was just disappointed. And you know there’s no worse feeling than that.



Be brave.

Ugh, that word is such a jerk. Gets me every time.
Bravery is not the absence of fear. Quite the opposite actually. It is feeling the fear and doing the thing you’re scared of anyways. Let me say that again because it’s really important. Being brave is feeling the fear and doing the thing you’re scared of anyways. If you’re about to do something really brave it means you’re probably about to do some pretty scary shit. Fear is your challenge to be brave.

Taking it back to this weeks mantra, “I have everything I need to start” has never rang more true. We had everything we needed to start this company, we just needed to be brave and face all the ugly fears that came with daring to take a bold step towards our desires.

So here we are, doing the damn thing.

There’s always room to grow, become more educated and more seasoned. We’re going to do just that. We want you right next to us. Right now we have everything we need to start to give you, our fellow Brave Body Project friends, a home to come to and feel brave. To feel empowered. To feel scared. To feel good about your body. To stand up and say: “No bitches, I don’t love kale. I love pizza because it’s delicious. Who’s with me? How can I love pizza AND look good in my bikini?” To say: “I want a life worth living. I want to be in a community that will inspire me to do that.”

Being brave is feeling the fear and doing what you’re scared of anyways.

You have everything you need to start to feel brave today. And we will to do this together.

Be Brave,

Lindsey + Amber

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