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BraveBODY Breakdown: How to Spice Up Your Run Program

DSC_3767Hey Brave Body Babes!

We’re at the last week of our Brave New You Run Challenge!  You’ve been logging in miles for weeks now and we love seeing all your hard work on social media.  You guys are seriously inspirational!

Today as I approached my treadmill, I was dreading the five miles ahead of me.  My body was sore, I was tired and cranky and I just wanted to Netflix and chill my life away.

Amber and I decided it was time for us (and you) to spice up your running routine.  Here are our top 5 tips for making your miles more manageable and fun:

1. Play with your run program.  Last week, I noticed Amber was doing something different during her run.  Midway through and bored to death with my run I asked her what she was up to.  She said she was doing intervals. Intervals are perfect if you have a short attention span/the thought for running at the same speed for 45 minutes makes you want to run straight into traffic.  Try building a plan (example:  6.0 for a minute, 7.0 for a minute, 8.0 for a minute.  Repeat until you hit a mile, take a 30 second walk and begin again.) I tried it for the rest of my run and the time (and miles) whizzed by. Click here for an amazing BBP HIIT TREADMILL ROUTINE .  Want more?  Our BBP Online Membership is chock full of this and more.  Get started today by clicking HERE.


2. Switch up your tunes.  There’s nothing more depressing than hearing the same 20 songs on your playlist.  Today during my run, I used Spotify radio and set it to the Rihanna channel.  It was a nice surprise to hear songs I hadn’t heard in a while and it kept me entertained.  Not feeling the tunes?  Try listening to a podcast or a book on tape.  It may just get you in the zone and get those miles under your feet.


3. Grab a buddy. Sometimes running solo is just what you need to breathe and refocus.  Other times you need that extra push from a friend to get you through.  When Amber and I train together we almost always push each other harder and I end up running farther and faster than I would if I was alone.  Don’t have a buddy?  No problem.  Find a local run club in your city or sign up for a class like Barry’s Bootcamp or Mile High Run Club.  We guarantee you’ll meet like-minded running enthusiasts and end up with a new buddy or two!


4. Make your muscles happy. If you’re logging in lots of miles this month like us, you need to be treating your body with some extra TLC.  Amber was amping up her miles last year and was finding crazy pain in her IT bands and hip flexors.  She found her new friend the foam roller, and it literally changed her whole workout routine.  Foam rolling before AND after our runs have been incredibly important to our recovery.  It’s a small addition to your routine that can truly make a huge difference.  Besides, who wants to run on tight, sore muscles?  Not me.  Have a foam roller collecting dust in your apartment because you don’t know how to use it?  Check out our favorite foam rolling moves HERE.



5. Remember your WHY. If all else fails, stop and remember why you’re doing this in the first place.  Maybe you want to challenge yourself and set a new run goal.  Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to become a better runner.  For me, it will always come back to a time when I couldn’t run.  Post ACL tear, I couldn’t run for half a year.  It was devastating.  My first day back running I remember saying to myself “I will never take my ability to do this for granted again.”  Whenever I feel too tired to run I go back to that moment.  If you start with your “why” you’ll be able to push yourself towards your goals a little easier.

111713_Lindsey Clayton-2333

We’re proud of all the work you’ve done so far.  Thanks for being part of this Brave New You Run Challenge with us.  Remember, it’s never too late to start.  Set a goal right now, lace up your sneakers and get to it.  We’re always here for you.

Stay brave friends!




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