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Hey Brave babes!  It’s officially outdoor running season and we’re excited to be out in the warm New York City sunshine logging some miles under our feet.  If the outdoor running bug hasn’t quite bit you yet, we’re here today to entice you to lace up your sneakers and get moving.

Last fall, we had a blast when we introduced the Brave Buddy Run Challenge and it was such a success we decided it was time to do it again!  This year we’re changing it up a little bit.  As you may remember, your Brave Body Project gals recently had the honor of signing on with PUMA as ambassadors for the brand.  Puma’s manifesto is all about going faster together.  You are fast,  but together we are faster.  Together we can think bigger.  Together we can push harder.  Together we can go further.  Together we can finish faster.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Puma and bringing you the Brave Buddy Run Challenge:  Team Faster Edition.  The rules are simple and we want YOU to get in on the fun.  All you need to do is:

1.  Pick your brave buddy to enter the contest with. You don’t need to be in the same city or state.  It can be anyone!

2. Get out there and RUN (together or alone, on a treadmill or outside, in the morning or at night!)

3. Post 1 photo weekly sharing your progress on Instagram and tag @bravebodyproject and @puma plus the hashtag #bravebuddyrunchallenge 

This 30-day challenge starts June 1st.  The team that racks up the most combined miles wins! That’s it!  

Oh wait… we forgot!  Besides the gift of stamina, strength, and endorphins we have a big prize for the winning team courtesy of PUMA!!  If you’re looking to rack up some serious Puma swag this is the contest for you.  Not only will our winners get an amazing prize, but we’ll be doing weekly giveaways for our Brave Buddy participants on Instagram too!

So are you in?  Pick your buddy and email us at info@bravebodyproject with the Instagram handles of you and your buddy so we can officially keep track of your progress or send us a direct message on Instagram to enter.

We’re so excited to start this challenge!!  Let’s do this – together.


Lindsey + Amber


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