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Brave Body Project Weekly Beat Down: Take it Back Series


For this week’s FREE Brave Body Project Beat Down, we decided to take a walk down memory lane and take it back to our very first BBP beat down!  It’s a solid workout and sure to get your body pumping from head to toe. So, here it is folks! It’s our very first FULL BODY beat down.

Here’s how it goes: We’ve created five movement that you will repeat for ten repetitions. Once you’ve completed the circuit you’ll repeat it again three more times (SERIOUSLY!) You get a 10 second breather in between each exercise. (If you don’t need a break that’s your chance to have a dance party, do some back flips, drink a cocktail…. the choice is yours.)

We want to hear how you’re feeling post sweat sesh. Take a photo or video and tag us on Instagram @bravebodyproject or Twitter  @brave_body with the hashtag #bravebodyproject.

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