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Brave Body Project Weekly Beat Down: Take it Back Series 3.0

Do you think you’ve got what it takes for this week’s FREE weekly beat down??

This week we are shining some light on our ‘Take it Back’ beat down series.  Over the past two months we’ve taken some time to give a shout out to our best BBP weekly beat downs.  This one is by far one of our favs and sure to have you and that booty screaming for more!

You’ll be feeling it today, BUTT lovin’ it tomorrow!! (Get it?)

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Here’s how it goes: We’ve created five movements that you’ll do for one minute a piece. Once you’ve completed each movement on the right side, you’ll repeat it again on the left.  You’re be bouncing pennies off of your booty in no time!

We want to hear how you’re feeling post sweat sesh. Take a photo or video and tag us on Instagram @bravebodyproject or Twitter  @brave_body with the hashtag #bravebodyproject.

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