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Brave Body Project Weekly Beat Down: Cardio


Tuesday!  How is it going’? Well, we know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat for this week’s beat down and now, the waiting is over!  This workout is sure to get your heart racing, blood pumping and foreheads sweating with this brand new cardio beat down!  We are throwing you moves that you’ve never seen before and it will leave you feeling motivated and anxious for next Tuesday!

Here’s how it goes: We’ve created five movement that you will repeat for ten repetitions. Once you’ve completed the circuit you’ll repeat it again three more times (SERIOUSLY!) You get a 10 second breather in between each exercise. (If you don’t need a break that’s your chance to have a dance party, do some back flips, drink a cocktail…. the choice is yours.)

We want to hear how you’re feeling post sweat sesh. Take a photo or video and tag us on Instagram @bravebodyproject or Twitter  @brave_body with the hashtag #bravebodyproject.

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