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Brave Body Project Wake Up Call: How to Make the Most Out of Your Workout

Good morning!!  It’s time to rise and shine with our newest Brave Body Project Wake Up Call!

As we are making our way closer to summer and bikini season, we know it can be daunting to think about frolicking on the beach in a few short months.  Today we’re giving you our top tips to make your workouts quick, efficient, and give you the best results for the perfect summer body boost.

1. Have a plan.  It is all too easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the mass amounts of equipment, meat heads, and pilates classes surrounding you.  If you have an idea of what muscle groups you are working, what machines you will be using, and what intervals you’ll be knocking out, your mind will do less and your body can do more!

2.  Write it down.  Write out your treadmill workout, know how many reps you’ll be doing that day, and have the routine planned out ahead of time. Log it in your phone, or on a piece of paper that you can tuck in your workout gear.  Have it close so you don’t lose sight of your goals for the day.

3.  Fuel yourself.  There’s that magical half hour window after your workout where your body is craving delicious food to replenish all of the awesome work you just conquered.  Prep or even better, bring along your protein powder, oatmeal, or protein-packed meal so you don’t make any rash ‘hangry’ decisions post workout.  If you think about your fuel before you’re tired and starving, your body will be thanking you for making good decisions before the workout instead of bad decisions after due to hunger.

Happy prep and happy sweating friends!

Stay brave,

Amber + Lindsey



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