BBP Holiday Hustle Nourish Alert: RXbars

Happy Wednesday fam!  We’re right in the middle of the BBP Holiday Hustle and we know a lot of you are busy sweating with us for the #BBP21DaysOfSweat challenge!  We love seeing your posts on Instagram, keep up the good work!

We’re always on the search for snacks to keep us fueled while we’re on the go and we have 3 requirements those snacks need to fill:  be delicious (obviously), be made of things we can actually pronounce, and be easy to travel with.

Enter our newest obsession:  RXBars.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.49.47 AM

These babies offer no BS by putting their ingredients right on the front of the label (we LOVE), they’re filled with ingredients you can not only pronounce but some you probably have in your kitchen, and of course (most importantly) they’re DELISH.

Throw them in your bag to munch on before you hit the gym (or your fav BBP workout with us) and thank us later!

Happy eating!


Amber + Lindsey


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