The BBP 10 Commandments of Food

Some 10 billion years ago this dude named Moses got these 10 commandments from this other guy named God. We weren’t there to read it with Moses, but we hear it was a pretty extensive list of things you should avoid doing in order to be an awesome human.

We here at BBP have our own list of commandments, but ours deal more with prohibitions (or lack there of) of the occasional pizza binge, the debate of cashew butter vs. peanut butter vs. almond butter and the importance of mastering and crafting the best skinny cocktail.

Without further adieu, we’re excited to present to you:


  • 1 Just like the Girl Scouts of America say: Be prepared. If you prep your food the night before you rush out the door for work you won’t be stuck making hasty food choices on the fly.
  • 2 Adopt this slogan: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a peasant. A bigger breakfast will supply you with the energy you need to tackle the day. Unless you’re about to run a marathon at 7 pm you could probably learn to live without a heaping serving of pasta. Which leads me to…
  • 3 Use your carbs for fuel, not fun. Carbs are your best friend for energy during your workout. Carbs are not your best friend when you eat dinner and immediately go to sleep. On the other hand, carbs can be your best friend on that occasional night you’re sad and need to throw yourself a sad pizza party. We’ve been there.
  • 4 Sneak your veggies in. I’m basically like a 3-year-old and hate most vegetables unless they’re put in my food in a sneaky way. If you’d rather die than chomp on broccoli or kale, use a food processor or fine chop your veggies and throw them into your turkey meat or smoothie.
  • 5 Amber’s golden rule: if you can’t taste the cheese, don’t eat it. This was a hard pill for me to swallow. I love cheese. Cheese is it’s own food group in my book. But how many times have you ordered a wrap and barely noticed you had cheese in it?! Cut down the cheddar and add some flavor (and healthy fats) with avocado instead.
  • 6Eat pancakes for breakfast. No seriously. Use Lindsey’s favorite recipe:
    – ½ a cup plain oatmeal;
    – 3 egg whites;
    -cinnamon to taste;
    – blueberries;
    – 1 tsp chia seeds;
    – 1 tsp flax seeds;
    – Sugar-free maple syrup (warmed up);
    Mix ingredients together and throw that good looking goop into a pan with some no calorie cooking spray. Flip it, serve it and add some maple syrup, sugar-free jelly or natural nut butter. This shiz tastes so good and it gives your normal morning oatmeal routine a kick in the pants. Play around with different types of fruit to incorporate!
  • 7 All calories are not created equally. Yes, there may be 100 calories in a handful of M&M’s and the very same 100 calories in a few servings of asparagus. But they have an extremely different effects on our stomachs, our brains, and our long-term health.
  • 8 Sip your cocktail smarter. Your BBP co-founders fancy themselves to be whiskey connoisseurs. We love our whiskey, but you’d better believe we’re drinking it with soda water or on the rocks. Check yourself before you wreck yourself when sipping on that $5 margarita special at your local watering hole. You’ll send yourself into a sugar coma and end up with a killer headache.
  • 9 Get that post-workout protein/carb combo in gurl. Take advantage of the magical 30-minute window after you finish your workout. (Pause for some quick and slightly boring scientific stuff: Research has found that in the approximately 30 minutes after intense exercise, the body optimizes its ability to replenish energy stores–particularly muscle and liver glycogen. This is a critical time because the body instigates muscle protein synthesis for muscle tissue recovery and repair, replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat, and adapts to the stresses encountered in the workout.) That was a fancy way of saying give your body a good combination of protein and carbs post workout. You can get this in the form of a protein shake for a quick fix, or get busy with that chicken and sweet potato combo. Boom shaka laka.
  • 10 Chocolate can be your best friend, just don’t make it your boyfriend. There’s no shortage of chocolate love over here at BBP headquarters. We just prefer not to end up in an abusive relationship with it. If you’re jonesing for some chocolate flavored loving don’t adopt the Twix motto of “Two for me, none for you.” Split that candy bar with your buddy.

So there you have it. Your Brave Body Project 10 food commandments to live by. Over the next 10 weeks on braveEATS we’ll take each individual commandment and break it down further to wipe out any lingering questions you may have. Print this out and tape it to your fridge, tack it on the corkboard at your desk or keep it in your food journal.

Happy eating friends! Be brave.


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